About Us

Astoria Consulting

Astoria Consulting is a professional firm located in Montreal Canada. A service oriented company providing personalized business coaching and consulting services since 2013. Working with individuals, business owners, and corporations to increase their confidence, improve business skills and assist with business growth and expansion projects.


Who we serve

Individuals, Corporations, and Organizations

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Professionals and Leaders


Our Philosophy

To ensure that there is a clear understanding of the work to be performed, and the objective to be achieved.

To ensure that the focus of our work is practical and provides benefits of real value.

To ensure that a close working relationship is maintained with our clients.


Contact Joseph at Astoria Consulting to learn how his career related experiences could maximize your potential.

Joseph Petraglia

Managing Senior Partner

Joseph is an experienced professional with a proven record, his core competencies include the ability to quickly understand challenges, implement solutions and deliverables all within a well-defined time line. These skills have served him well in his 35 year-career. As an adviser and strategist Joseph has completed  more than 3,000 assignments for micro and medium enterprises, including major assignments on location throughout Canada, the United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Honduras, Belize, Buenos Aires, Poland, and South/North China.


Joseph has wide-ranging industry experience in small and medium sized companies, including: real estate, health care, education, tech startups, restaurant startups and financing projects, and has assisted many manufacturing companies to expand their business. Joseph has serviced the public sector, non-profit sector and many industries such as retail, manufacturing, media, security and the military.


Subsequent to Joseph’s corporate career, he was successfully elected to three terms as Commissioner with the English Montreal School Board in Canada. Joseph was elected to the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee, and was elected Chairperson of the Adult Education and Vocational Services Committee.


A native of Long Island, New York, Joseph served as a Platoon Sergeant in the Vietnam War. While in the Army, his unit received a Presidential Unit Citation and Joseph was awarded the Bronze Star.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic;

it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Colin Powell, Four-Star General – U.S. Army, Retired