Business Coaching and Consulting

Coaching individuals and

entrepreneurs seeking

solution-focused choices


As business coaches and consultants we work with a wide variety of clients and offer a personalized approach that is customized to each individual we help.


Services can include:

√ Understanding New Markets

√ Partners and Shareholders Disagreements

√ Moving up to a Senior Position

√ Interim Chair for your Meetings

√ Workplace Conflict and Tension

√ Restructing

√ Acquisitions


Benefits of Coaching

In 2011 the Institute of Leadership and Management conducted a study that asked 200 organizations why they used coaches.

Here are their responses:

53%   –   To support personal development

26%   –   To improve a specific area of performance

21%   –   As part of a wider leadership development program

19%   –   To provide development for senior management

12%   –   To enable progression within the organization

12%   –   To support achievement of specific organizational objectives

8%     –   To address a specific behavior issue

6%     –   To provide support after a change in position or responsibilities

5%     –   To provide support to new employees

4%     –   To support organizational change

2%     –   To engage with individual employee concerns


we can help you:

Increasing your business confidence √

Grow/expand your business skills √

Improve your family, business and personal life balances √

Increase your job skills and productivity √

Improve your approach with customers, employees and partners √

Increase your operational business knowledge √