Company Growth & Development

Certain management practices essential to a company’s long term viability, growth, and success are not given adequate attention in most small and medium size businesses. The result is slow growth, or at  worst, business failure. (See excerpts below from a recent Statistics Canada study.)

The problem is that business owners and/or man- agement of these businesses devote almost all of their time and energy to day on day activities and little time, if any, on long term issues.

A frequently heard management comment is “I’m too busy to think about the long term, and  I can’t afford to hire staff for this”.

An experienced coach can provide you or your company with the management expertise to achieve successful long-term growth. The time commitment can be as little as three days a month to two or three days a week, for a period from several months to a year.

Your company therefore benefits from a level of management expertise usually available only too much larger companies but at a fraction of the cost.


Findings:                 Statistics Canada survey of 3000 companies – May 2017

Only one in five new businesses survive the first ten years (most of the survivors (75%) experience very poor growth).

The application of sound business and financial management strategies are crucial to the survival and success of almost all (84%) of the survivors.